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How we can work together

Guide To Your 2023 Marketing Strategy - Step 7; Implement Retention Marketing Strategies
Monthly Retainer

We identify the areas you need help with, and we execute the strategy and improvements on a monthly basis, as if we were your team.

Fees: EUR 1.000-6.000

Duration: monthly

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Some situations require only a once-in-a-while commitment from us (e.g. building an automation, working on some templates).

Fees: starting from EUR 1.000

Duration: one-off

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Kick-starter Sprint

Usually for businesses that are launching or need to change their marketing strategy and need a complete set-up of tools, templates, strategy, action plan and mentorship. We work on everything and hand over to your team.

Areas involved: marketing strategy, customer personas, messaging framework, 6 months action plan, email marketing and CRM tools, Analytics and tracking, website communications, and team mentorship.

Fees: EUR 4.000-10.000

Duration: 3 months

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