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We Are Digithy!

At Digithy, we believe that significant results can only come from great work, strategy and empathy.

We are a fully remote digital company bringing empathy in the marketing and communications of a digitalised world. The different cultures and experiences of our team help us see things from different perspectives, allowing a fast and effective strategy execution.

Through a combination of customer analysis, online promotions and content creation, we’ve become experts at getting our clients’ brands noticed.


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and Media Mentions
Covid-19 Learnings & Best Practices

We were asked by Inbound Marketing Days organizers to reply a few questions about the marketing situation during Covid-19, lessons learned and best practices for businesses. The text is in German, open with Chrome and automatically translate the page in your language.

Starting a Business During a Pandemic

In this article, we tell our story to Stay Connected Magazine. We talk about how we started Digithy right before the pandemic, how we had to re-adapt our strategy and what we plan for the future.

You can read or download the full article below.

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