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Email Marketing

Around the world every day 319.6 billion emails are sent, and this number is expected to keep growing in the upcoming years, which makes it the main communication channel, so if you are not implementing an email marketing strategy in your business you might be skipping a big opportunity.


While in this century using social media is part of our lives daily, it lacks the one-to-one communication power email has. Having an email marketing plan is not only going to help to build a stronger brand, it is also going to make the company be able to speak directly to each customer.

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We all know there’s social media marketing, content creation, and many newer digital marketing trends growing. At the moment, email marketing is still in the top 3 distribution channels. Not only almost everyone has an email address, but it shows returns on investment of approximately 36%.


Having a good email marketing plan represents the perfect chance to send a tailored message to your customers, communicate news about your business, create brand consciousness, offer them special discounts, and much more. However, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start and that’s where Digithy can help you.

So what is email marketing?

Email marketing is basically the act of sending a message to your email subscribers to promote a product, offer them a discount, ask for feedback, create brand awareness, build a community, and many more things. Above everything, it has been around for a while, after all, who doesn’t have an email address right?

As it creates a direct communication link with a customer, email marketing is one of the most used digital marketing strategies, from newsletters to cart abandonment automated campaigns, it all falls under some email marketing strategies businesses create to send a message to their customers.

So, after all of this, do you think you are using an email marketing strategy at its full potential? If the answer was no, here at Digithy we can help you.

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Having a good email marketing strategy is important

With the growth of social media it is easy to think that it’s better to invest money in it instead of email. The reality is, however, that email marketing is the single tool that allows you to communicate with your customers uninterruptedly in each step of the buyer’s journey.


An email can help people get a deeper connection with your business; it feels more personal than a social media ad.


If they are new buyers, through email you can introduce them to your company, share some relevant information about you, how you are committed to the quality of your products/services, testimonies from previous buyers. Information that might interest them enough to check your website or products.

If they already bought something you can make your customers feel important, by offering special discounts, letting them know updates of your social impact, asking for feedback, introducing them to new products, asking for a review, and many more things that will make them feel part of a community.


This is not it, on top of everything almost everyone has an active email address which they still check for promotions or special deals. Instead of checking the ad details on social media, consumers want to hear from brands that provide valuable content.


Email is an amazing channel when it comes to reaching for new leads or old clients since you can personalize the message you send, here are some of the benefits it could bring:

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Get loyal customers

No client is going to be a promoter of your brand at a first glance. Like any relationship, to get loyal customers you need to interact with them. Email marketing allows you to speak directly to them while promoting your product if you want to. Segmenting your message helps drive up sales and customer engagement.

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Expand your reach

It is true that almost everyone in the world already has an email address, and on top of that email has proven to be one of the most engaging communication channels. More than 50% of email users check their inbox at least once a day and 1 person has at least 1 account, if not more,

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Connect with different audiences

Email marketing is all about messaging people who want to hear from you, who give you permission to do it. That’s why we are committed to growing your email list without spamming the clients you already have and following the spam laws corresponding to each country.

Sending a tailored message to different groups of people is the best way to make sure your old clients and new ones don’t get the same old information.

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Track email marketing analytics

If you only see numbers when you read the analytics reports, you are probably misinterpreting something. Analytics are meant to be interpreted to give you valuable information about your email marketing efforts.

Most email software or tools already have some form of analytics included in them, we will turn those numbers into words figuring out what worked, what didn’t work, and why; based on that we will develop an actionable plan.

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A/B testing

A/B testing is great especially when it comes to email campaigns. Doing A/B testing in your email marketing campaign can help you determine which message is resonating better with your audience and allow you to modify it to increase your conversion rates and drive-up sales.

How do you create a good email marketing plan?

The sole purpose of email marketing is to establish a one-to-one communication channel between your brand and your community. Make sure to always include relevant information in each of the customer’s journeys.


Always start by defining your goals, not every campaign needs to be about selling a new item, a goal can be:

  • Increase your visibility

  • Acquire new leads

  • Give information about a new product

  • Increase traffic to your website

  • Get your clients to sign up for the newsletter

  • Nurture the relationship you have with existing clients

  • Ask for feedback or a review

  • Promote your social media platforms


Under any circumstance, never buy your email list. As a good rule of thumb, you should only email people who want to hear from you, that subscribed to your newsletter or email marketing list. Since they are the most interested in hearing about your brand, they are the most likely to end up buying something from you.


Odds are you will get a bunch of fake emails and using an old email list only will end up hurting your reputation and probably will make you look really spammy and click-through rates will drop.


Instead of purchasing your contacts add a “subscribe” button to your website. With this easy chance, you will start getting email IDs from people interested in what you are offering. Another option is to actually offer them something to get their email, it could be a discount on a future purchase, access to an e-book, or a webinar.

How can we help you achieve your email marketing goals?

Your customers are receiving way too many emails nowadays. How can you make sure yours stands out? Here’s how we will make sure you boost your email marketing.

1. Everything starts with an email audit, we will check what’s already in place, your current email marketing strategy, review the message of past emails and how they performed with analytics.

2. We will create an email marketing strategy that will include monthly goals to consider and create a tailored message specifically for your audience in the list.

3. At the execution stage, we will make sure to always consider the data to make sure the plan worked or if it didn’t readjust with new strategies to meet your goals.

4. Testing is a key part of the process; we commit ourselves to keep testing new ideas and versions of a campaign to make sure we grow open rates.

5. Last but now least, we believe everything can be improved, even our own strategies and action plans. That’s why we will identify key areas of improvement and readjust our action plan to achieve those email marketing goals.

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Our unique approach to data analysis together with an empathic customer understanding helps build a complete customer-focused strategy.

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Why Digithy?

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As the world has evolved, the digital landscape and humans have too. People have become detached from each other. However, we believe that great results are directly tied to a good team, a kick-ass strategy, and empathy.


We are a fully remote company which means our team is located all over the world. The difference in cultures gives us a diverse perspective to provide you with the best strategy for your business. We also have over 7 years of experience in digital marketing and tested different email marketing tools, automations, and strategies, for businesses in different industries and sectors.

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