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Mentorship and Advisory

Each business model is different, even the ones that sell the same product, that’s why a growth strategy cannot be copy-pasted from someone else’s. It requires thinking outside the box, and here at Digithy we love that.


Whether you need a third pair of eyes on a new project, helping you keep up with the latest digital trends, looking at your current growth strategies, or even analyzing your outreach channel you can count on us.

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Our Mentorship and Advisory services

Here at Digithy, our main purpose is to support start-ups and small and medium enterprises. Help them grow, because we understand that being a small business is not easy, that it requires a lot of help to be able to defeat the multiple challenges that will arise. That’s why we also focus on professional mentorship and advising.


Our team of professional mentors and advisors has the opportunity to transfer their unique know-how. They come from all over the world and have years of experience in several industries, which gives them a fresh edge into problem-solving by leading with empathy.

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Do you need advisory?

Remember the good old days when putting an advertisement in the newspaper, radio, or a commercial on television meant you were on top of the marketing trends? This could get your brand noticed in an instant and increase sales on a whole different level.


Nowadays, things have changed a little, and that’s on being generous, marketing has become a full new world, new terms such as SEO, SEM, PPC, and ROAD are part of everyday vocabulary for marketers. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that it’s still a key pillar in every single business, small or big.

Having an external point of view can be really valuable for your business. We’d be joining your team on a monthly call and help you understand if there are new ways or possibilities that you can explore to reach your goals. This can be a monthly call, or a call every quarter, and can include the goals review and assessment. 


Is it enough to just invest a lot of money into ads and post on social media every day the same content? How do you make sure that the money invested in driving traffic and converting into sales? Because if at the end of the day you are not making money, it wasn’t money invested, it was money spent.

Does your team need mentorship?

Marketing has evolved into something different, by this point businesses need to understand stuff before making strategic decisions. They need to understand customers’ behavior, what they buy and why, what’s considered relevant content for them, the right message, the right outreach channel.


This means you need to invest a lot of effort into creating a good marketing strategy that will capture interest and promote your brand. Get some awesome content writers onboard, consult with social media experts, but on top of everything is you need any kind of help in creating the strategy reach out for a professional business mentor.

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A professional business mentor will be a well-rounded individual, or team, that will be able to walk your team through each of the steps of creating a new business, or growing an existing one. We will help understand what are the next steps and goals, and what your team needs to be working on in the following months to achieve such goals. Additionally, we can take some time and organize some sessions with your team to guide them through the changes and the best ways to implement the strategies. 

Our Mentorship and Advisory Expertise

In the last two years, also because of COVID-19, instead of creating and implementing digital marketing strategies for businesses, we helped businesses scale and understand their new concept through mentorship and advisory.

The pandemic changed the game for many businesses, and while there was a need for change on one side, on the other businesses were not sure of what to invest on, and which direction to take. 

Especially when it came to local businesses that needed to move online, such companies didn’t know where to start or what to do next. We decided to offer this service where we were analyzing the business, and in a call explaining what would be the next steps. We were able to help over 100 businesses during the pandemic, and that number is still growing. 

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What do we cover with our mentorship and advisory services?

Digital Marketing

Yes, “Digital Marketing” sounds like a very broad topic to mentor and advise, but we can help, guide, and support you with many crucial sectors in digital marketing. Here are some examples of our digital marketing mentoring services:

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Social media

Do you know which is the best platform to build your community? Are you planning on jumping into multiple social media platforms and sending the same message? Together we can come up with a social media calendar and analyze which is the right message per social media platform.

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Brand Management

How should you position yourself in the market? What’s the experience your customers get every time they interact with your brand? You need to be able to measure your brand, its impact on your business, and how to leverage it to be the best in your industry.


Are you investing money on paid ads and not seeing any increase in conversions? Well in that case you didn’t invest it, it was spent. To promote your business, you need to know your customer, and which is the right channel to reach out to them. Moreover, advertising is something that seems to be easy to set up online, but it took us years to gain the experience and expertise to run great campaigns that convert into leads.

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Content Writing

Blogging is not the only form of content writing, there are also podcasts, articles, newsletters, social media posts, and more. While it might be tempting to try all of these at the same time, it’s more important to deliver relevant content to your community. This can increase your likes, shares, and bigger reach.

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Google is the top search engine in the world and optimizing your website to rank higher can make a big increase when it comes to organic traffic, this is basically SEO. It will help you generate leads, increase traffic to your website and promote your brand in the process.

Email Marketing

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Do you nurture your clients in each step of their customer’s journey? Or do you only email them when you want them to buy something or a product launch?  Your email marketing strategy should be able to generate leads and create a connection with your subscribers.

Business development

Are you an entrepreneur that wants to start your business from the ground up? Are you feeling overwhelmed by having to define a target market, your value proposition, and doing customer research?


Here at Digithy we have the best professional mentors and advisors that can give you a hand to start planning which is the best way to make your future business success. This means guiding you through the market research, giving you a starting point on creating your brand, and refining your value proposition.

Best practices

​​By being surrounded by many start-ups and small businesses in recent years, we have gathered some tips and tricks, maybe “common mistakes” or roadblocks that you might encounter while trying to grow your business.


That’s why we offer best practices services, in which we basically walk you through the most common scenarios you might encounter, advise you on how to tackle them and provide you with a useful toolkit to come out of them victoriously.

The process

Let’s not rush into anything without getting to know each other. Here are all the steps we take to make sure we are the best possible fit for your business:






Let’s schedule a call, we believe in email communication yes, however, we also believe that a one-to-one call might be the fastest way to address your concerns.

Who ways meeting online can’t be fun? You can tell us all about your business model and your roadblocks or concerns. Then, we’ll tell you all about us, how we started and how we are going to support your business.

As we said before, each business model is different, and each strategy is also different. That’s why we will design an action plan based on your specific needs, tailored exactly to bring the solutions you need.

Running it by you is our top priority. Since trust is key, you need to feel completely comfortable with our action plan and if that’s not the case, no problem, just tell us, so we can modify it with your feedback.

After you implement it, we will run biweekly, monthly, or quarterly tests on the action plan. Analyzing the results will let us know what worked and what didn’t, allowing us to adjust and tweak a few measures for the next timeframe.

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