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Digithy’s Culture: How We Work As a Digital Marketing Agency

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Digital marketing agency, Digithy

Writing about the company’s culture is probably one of the most difficult things to do. You need to make sure you capture the overall view, without missing important points, while making sure the message is clear to those who are reading.

But let me try to do this and tell you how I envisioned Digithy from my perspective as a founder, and what Digithy is today.

I’ve been working as a freelancer for many years before starting my company. That helped me catch the different aspects I like of company culture while identifying what I certainly wanted to avoid as a founder. Starting as a freelancer, working with several different startups around the world, and seeing all the different areas of employment and perspectives, helped me build a system that we are now using at Digithy.

I founded Digithy more than a year ago, and although many aspects of the strategy, tools, and services provided changed, the 5 pillars related to the work culture I had in mind remained the same.

Autonomy and flexibility

We are a fully remote digital marketing agency team from different areas of the world, and that’s why we don't count the work hours but focus on project deadlines. This means everyone is free to work when they feel at their best, as long as the projects each one of us is working on are completed on time.

On this basis, we meet once per week for a stand-up call, to talk about what we’ve been working on the previous week, about new findings, roadblocks, or anything relevant. During the same meeting, we plan our work for the following week.

Collaboration and communication in our digital marketing agency

We stay in touch on a regular basis and have a dedicated channel where we communicate the daily needs, questions, or ask for help from a team member.

Our team shows cultural and work experience variety. I always encourage every team member to ask for help if they need support with their tasks from expertise different than theirs. Even though someone is in charge of a specific project, they can still collaborate with one another to make sure it’s delivered impeccably.

Honesty and empathy

Working remotely in a digital marketing agency makes it impossible to micro-manage - luckily! - so one of the most important things in our team is communicating honestly. If there’s a day when someone is not available, or if there’s a task that a team member can’t complete or complete on time, it’s good to communicate that to the rest of the team right away, so that someone else can take over. This is not always an easy thing to do, but I believe it gets easier when honesty is encouraged and nobody’s blaming the other. We are a team, and as such, we need to support each other in everything we do, showing respect and empathy.

Sharing the knowledge

This has been a huge pillar of the company’s culture since Digithy was founded. Everyone joining the team knew about it and every person so far was really happy with sharing the knowledge. Every 2 weeks we meet and someone in the core or extended team talks about a topic of their choice. The order is defined by a poll we share on Slack and everyone is happy to contribute when it’s their turn.

This meeting is not only helping us all learn something new, but it also gives an opportunity to get to know each other a little bit better, talking about our passions and experiences.

Passion and dedication

This is my favorite pillar. In my experience, if you like what you do you can easily double the results, and be happy!

Our team is self-driven and passionate about what they do. They are open to learning more and collaborating on different projects as much as they can.

I always valued passion over experience, because I believe that passion is what drives someone to make an extra step or effort and finally excel in what they do.

How we work with clients

We can wrap things up by connecting our work culture with the way we work with our clients.

Different businesses have different needs, and that’s why it’s important to be flexible and ready to take on new tasks and responsibilities.

When we talk to a new client we try to understand their needs and how we can fit in their team and fill in the gaps. We like to define Digithy as Your digital marketing agency and content team. Every time we get in touch with a new client, we bring in our expertise while adapting to the tools they use, and create a strategy and plan only after understanding their needs and goals.

There’s no standardized process for providing a great service in a digital marketing agency. The best way is to use empathy to connect with the business and understand how we can truly help, even if that means getting out of the project margins and taking that extra step that can help reach goals.


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