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How to use Discord to Effectively Market Your Business

Discord is growing in popularity across various communities and if you want to really keep your marketing plan on trend then you need to implement Discord marketing strategies in your business. With 150 million registered users to date in 2022, it is quickly becoming the new way to engage with customers by developing a strong discord community.

In this blog post, we'll tell you all you need to know about discord, what it is, its benefits as a platform, and how to use it in your marketing strategy.

What is Discord?

Discord is a real-time chat platform that combines the use of messaging through text, voice, and video. The chat platform gets its popularity from its ability to consolidate communities of like-minded people. It has gained so much traction over the years that it is replacing Skype or Slack in startups thanks to its benefits. Discord has a number of benefits that make it a superior chat platform, below are just a few that stood out to us: Noise cancellation on video calls

  • Screen share on mobile devices

  • Inline thread replies

These features on a platform can be especially useful, whether on an internal level to communicate to team members or externally when communicating with your audience. If you want to start using Discord to implement it in your marketing strategy, here are a few ways we think you can take advantage of the platform.

How to use Discord in your marketing

Control your members and those who join

The great thing about discord is that it allows you to regulate your community. People can only join your discord community through an invitation link, and you can even display important rules and regulations to your community before they join through the invite link. Members who aren’t complying with the terms and conditions specified can easily be banned or kicked out of the community. Why might this be useful, you ask? Well, in some cases, the more the merrier is not the best thing. If you want to cut out the spam to really communicate with high-value community members, then it's better to cut out anyone that might not be adding value to your product/service and to the channel as a whole. By building a moderated community, you can share information about your community with those who matter most.

Send instantaneous messages

This is an obvious point. However, it is worth noting because Discord is an algorithm-free platform. That means you can ensure that any important announcements about your product/service stay on top and not have to worry about them getting lost in anyone’s feed.

Without having to keep the algorithm in mind, you can spend less time strategizing about how to get your content to stand out and invest more time working on quality content that delivers the message you want. Through discord, you can offer valuable information about your brand, exclusive sales or announcements, and make sure that it gets seen.

Offer customer service

Gone are the days of long-drawn customer service emails and infinite waiting times. Your customers now with discord have the ability to give you real-time feedback, and you have the ability to respond to them whichever way you think works best. This is a great way to actually retain customers because it shows that you are responsive when it comes to consumer complaints and comments.

Connect with like-minded people

Discord is great for reaching out to people within the fields that serve your business. It can be especially useful to consider a discord marketing strategy if you are B2B, you can reach out to other businesses and connect with them via their own discord communities and invite them into your own. Again, what makes discord useful is its ability to really streamline the communication process, allowing you to reach the right people in real-time.

Let fans create groups

After your brand flourishes on Discord, it can be really useful to have community-based unmoderated fan groups where people who love your product/service can connect. Often times people find it is easier to communicate with another consumer rather than a company. This is the same concept as online forums, where people who use the product/service troubleshoot for others who use the product/service. This can be especially useful to you as a business because it allows you to leverage your own consumers when it comes to customer service.

Given all the benefits we have mentioned it is no surprise that many sectors are interested in using this channel as a marketing tool to increase brand awareness and create communities. A few examples of these are gaming, crypto, entertainment, fashion, and more.

3 sectors using Discord:


Besides being a communication channel designed for the gaming community. Gamers also happen to love Discord, that's why if you are a business owner and your product is related to the sector, Discord is your way to go. It is an affordable option that allows you to reach your clients effectively.


It can be an intimidating subject to talk about online, but if there's a place where a community on cryptocurrency exists is in Discord. This is mainly because it allows you to establish real-time communication, obtain direct feedback, answer questions at the moment, increase awareness on topics related to cryptocurrency, and more.


Discord NFT communities have been growing in the last years given the increase in viewers and searches for the topic. Discord is perfect for NFT because it serves both artists, investors, and developers. With Discord now you can share information meant to educate those who are new to the NFT marketplace, looking to buy at the moment, and post your offers.

The bottom line

These are just some of the ways we think you can leverage a discord marketing strategy to help your business. If you want to learn more about what tools or platforms you should be using in your marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


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