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How to Optimize Your Landing Pages for Better Conversions

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

While lead generation depends upon a host of different factors, we need to say it, a well-structured and optimized landing page can be a game-changer. Landing pages vary from other pages on your website in the fact that they are centered solely around conversions with a single-focused purpose.

A landing page could be a click-through type page that leads to the e-commerce page of your website or lead generation-based offering information in the form of an e-book, webinar registration, or trial in exchange for contact information. Your website can have a number of landing pages or just one, depending on what you’re offering your audience.

To optimize your landing page, you will need to hone and adjust it in a way that gets your audience through your marketing funnel. This will take some trial and error. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of good practices to keep in mind to ensure that you are optimizing your landing pages for better results and conversions.

1. Have a focused message

It’s essential to have a clear call to action on your landing page. Your landing page should have a focus so that your audience can read it and not be confused about what they need to do or where they need to click. If your page does not have a clear message you will only confuse your audience and will probably have a hard time getting them to convert.

2. Keep things simple

This is closely related to the point above, but very much related to the visual aspect of your page. It’s best to keep a landing page limited to a number of elements, with your call to action in the forefront.

Let’s take a look at this example from Dropbox’s landing page, the button is the most important element on the page and it’s clear because of the different color:

Other links or elements are placed in a smaller size compared to the CTA but still in the user’s line of sight because although it is sharing something important like the logo or an alternative offer, it does not grab the attention as much as the headline or the CTA.

3. Establish trust

For better conversions and for your audience to truly go through the marketing funnel, you have to establish a connection and a sense of trust with them. It’s not enough to just make an offer, it's important to really show your audience that they are making the right choice by signing up or making a purchase on your website. Testimonials are a good way to establish trust. Additionally, trust seals and badges can help create a sense of security for all those who land on your page.

Source: Baymard

4. Leverage scarcity

If what you’re offering your audience is limited, this can totally encourage them to convert. For example; if you offer a webinar with limited seating or a limited time to purchase the tickets, you will create a sense of urgency that will encourage your audience to take action.

5. Ensure compatibility across devices

It goes without saying that compatibility across devices is essential, not just for your landing page, but across your entire website. Oftentimes, there is a form or an element to submit or download. It is essential that your landing page displays seamlessly across all devices, ensuring that your CTA and/or form do not get lost when your audience accesses the page.

6. Adjust and test

At Digithy we like to employ A/B testing and it is a valuable way to learn about customer behavior and what truly works. The same can go for your landing page, you can create multiple landing pages, different headlines, or calls to action to determine which can garner the best results.

7. Optimize your landing page for SEO

Conduct keyword research and ensure you’re using the right keywords to get traffic onto your landing page. The better keywords you use the higher your page ranks on search engines. You have to also take the time to add those keywords to the headline, title, and even in the images and alt text of your landing page.

A good landing page is only as good as the content that it holds.

Check out our article on the 2 rules for better content creation to find out how you can make better content on both your website and landing page.


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