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Instagram Reels are the Future of Instagram and this is Why Your Business Needs it

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Video content is a powerful format when it comes to digital marketing and it will probably remain so. But in the coming years there will definitely be a rise in the creation and consumption of video content. We can try to attribute this to the pandemic, but in reality the rise of video content was already predicted even before then! Internet service provider Cisco actually forecasted that it would rise up to 82% pre-covid. Instagram's head Adam Mosseri has made the statement that the popular social media platform is “no longer a photo-sharing app” and rightly so, with competitor Tiktok rising in the social media scene. The introduction of instagram reels has allowed users to create short-form video content much like Tiktok.

That being said, since it is a newly introduced format, barely a year old, there still remains much to be seen, heard, and adjusted. We definitely expect Instagram reel size in the short-form video market to grow considerably. That is why it is necessary to keep an eye on them when approaching the apps as a marketer, advertiser, or business owner.

What is happening with Instagram Reels?

As of late there have been a number of interesting developments when it comes to Instagram reels. Instagram reels dimensions mean that all videos displayed on the platform are vertical with a runtime that goes up to a minute at the very minute. These features are definitely worth considering when you’re wondering about how to jump in on the trend and what that could mean for your business.

Instagram reels ads

One way that you could promote content for your page is through the use of Instagram reels ads. These function in the same way as ads do in Instagram stories, allowing users to share comments and likes. So far, this functionality of sharing a reel as an ad is only available in Facebook ads manager but will probably see some integration into the app in upcoming updates.

What is clear though is that reels are integral for organic reach. Any reel that is published has the potential of being exposed to the global instagram audience.

Instagram vs. Tiktok

Many creators find that it is best to recycle their content from Tiktok onto Instagram reels, but in a recent update, Instagram revealed that their algorithm would actually not promote videos that have the Tiktok watermark and will not be recommended as frequently. The same goes for instagram reel dimensions for those that are covered by text, have blurry videos, or are horizontal instead of vertical.

Reels have been essential in Instagram’s attempt to compete with Tiktok, especially among teenagers and young adults. They continue to add new features and services as a means to incentivize people to use the app and to create videos natively on the platform as opposed to doing it on one platform and recycling the post.

Facebook and Instagram reels

Facebook is now introducing reels on its platform as well, allowing users to create their own reels via the social media platform to share on the Facebook news feed. On top of this, Facebook has been testing out cross-posting to ensure that their instagram users are making use of both social media platforms without having to leave the Instagram app. Stay tuned for news and developments on this feature.

Where is IGTV?

Another development worth talking about is the dropping of the IGTV brand, the button normally found at the bottom of the app was removed, the reason being that it created clutter and confusion for users of the application. All the creators that were previously using Instagram to also post their long-form YouTube videos, suddenly saw this feature disappear. The reason is that Instagram wants to focus more on reels and short-form videos, also in line with the attention span the users have.

But the truth is that IGTV didn’t completely disappear, and if you cannot find a way to post long videos directly from your Instagram app, consider downloading the IGTV app. When uploading a video in this app, the video will automatically appear also on your Instagram grid and video section.

Longform videos which were previously IGTV will show up as previews in the news feed, but as an ad will be limited to 15 seconds. The ads will be rebranded as in-stream video ads but with one caveat for businesses being the fact that videos that have a length of 60 seconds can be challenging for your content creation, given that you might have more to say. But it’s definitely worth trying if you want to grab your audience’s attention, attract new audiences, and benefit from the current algorithm.

The Future of Instagram Reels

The competition between Tiktok and Instagram reels is not head to head unfortunately and Instagram will have to try to keep up in order for it to appeal to younger audiences. According to The Wall Street Journal, it has been struggling to get teenage audiences to use the platform as much as its competitor. The choice to have cross-posting on Facebook or to promote reels on their platform might not be a good idea for a platform that is not very popular with young people. These changes are interesting

As for IGTV, the move to shorten the content means that businesses will have to get a little more creative with their video content creation to keep audiences engaged.

If you want to learn about how to create quality video content check out our blog post that covers all the necessary tips we think you should have in mind before jumping into video production. We also have a Podcast episode talking with two video production company founders, where they explain how they went from long form video to short pieces of content to adapt to social media. You can listen to it on our website, on Spotify, or by typing Digithy Talks wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Stay tuned for practical Instagram reel tips! We’ll be talking about this in the next articles, showing you how to adapt your content to the instagram reels dimensions, and how to post it so that it also looks nice on your Instagram grid.


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