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Social Media Marketing

Does your business have the backing of its social media networks? If you want to strengthen and grow brand awareness for your brand while building meaningful connections with your audience then you need to implement a social media marketing plan. If you find yourself asking what are the right channels to promote your business on social media, then look no further because we will provide you with the right amount of guidance and services to help your business grow. 

While your business might be about selling a product or a service, social media is not. Social media is about communicating and engaging with real human being that have feelings. Your social media account should connect with others, share thoughts and information, make them feel something. Give them a reason on why to follow you, whether it is a space to share tips and tricks or a teaching platform of a product that can improve their lives.

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And at Digithy we get people. Digithy offers social media marketing services for startups, enterprises and multiple-location businesses. Our team can help you with your campaign and engage your audience. 

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Why is Social Media Marketing So Important?

Consumers expect business to have a social media presence for them, social media is not just a place where they go for entertainment. Social media has evolved into a powerful tool used by marketing that has the power to supercharge your business, since it has more reach than traditional marketing. Growing a social media community is more than posting 3 times a week, it’s listening to what your platform has to say, it’s engaging with them, making them feel heard, sharing relevant content, and providing valuable information.


Social media channels are important for your business when it comes to search rankings and digital marketing. Social media usage is growing and growing day by day, making it essential to reach the right audience and their specific demographics to create brand awareness. It might be tempting to jump into the world of social media head first without fully understanding what social media marketing is all about. Though nowadays, it isn’t a skill that you pick up while using the platform, due to its constant evolution. 


Our team at Digithy has the experience needed to create a campaign and strategy for your product or service, whether it is (B2C) business to consumer, or (B2B) business to business. By analyzing metrics and insights and studying market trends to come up with a plan that best suits your business and target market.

The phases of a good social media marketing plan

When it comes to any good social media marketing plan, the process can be make or break. We’ve fine-tuned our process to ensure that we’re truly getting to know the ins and outs of your business, while also relating to your consumers through working out what social networks they use most and what their needs are. Here are the phases of a sound marketing plan and one of the ways in which we implement our social media marketing campaigns.

1. Analysis

The first phase consists of analyzing the target market. Identifying the right target is useful to be able to construct a social media strategy that’s both effective and efficient. Through this analysis, we can project result estimates and measurable goals of the campaigns to be carried out. 

2. Observation

Identifying the competitors, once the chosen competitors have been identified we observe their behavior and their strengths and weaknesses on social media to learn more about their habits and to measure the success or failure of their social media strategy. We try to see how we can differentiate and position your business in comparison to theirs. 

3. Placing a Strategy

In this phase we plan the required budget for the social media marketing strategy and the social media publishing plan that will contain the main structure of the strategy along with a full schedule that will contain both textual and visual elements. 

4. Do-Over

No social media strategy is perfect and we are not afraid of change. We will implement the strategy for about 1-3 months and after that timeframe we will analyze the results. By doing this we can identify key areas of improvement in the previous strategy and focus on them. This will allow us to implement a model that's not static and can adapt to the needs of your particular business.

Avoid Common Mistakes

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Working without a plan in place can mean that you aren’t putting your audience’s needs in mind and could mean that your business isn’t reaching the right target. Creating one might seem obvious at first but in many cases, it’s where companies fail the most. The first step should be to define trackable goals, establish a monthly budget, and an actionable plan.

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Another common pitfall is that many brands find themselves copying competitors without keeping in mind that each product or service has a unique selling proposition. While it’s important to follow your competitors to obtain an idea of what works in the industry and what’s missing. It’s also essential to consider different products have different value propositions which means branding and thus the content would have to differ.

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It might even seem like a good idea to rely heavily on a tool or automation, and yes it can make social media management easier. But the truth is that depending too much on automation can make you lose that human connection. You should also be constantly observing your social media content and adjusting it accordingly.

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For some brands, cross posting on all channels might make sense for others it might not work given the different types of audiences that frequent a particular social media platform. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and many other social platforms are unique. While they might share some specs in common, sometimes they reach very different audiences. It’s important to understand which audiences you are reaching in each platform and talk to them accordingly.

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Lastly, another common mistake is not tracking any analytics on your social media. If you have a strategy but do not implement an analytics tracker, how are you making sure the strategy is working? To keep improving your social media performance it’s critical to recognize which actions or posts did good and which didn’t. Analytics tools provide valuable insights and measurable results that will help in future planning.

The Digithy team comes in to cater to your business needs but also to monitor and create content for your social media platforms regularly adjusting when necessary and allowing you to reach and engage with your audience. Our top priority is to make sure you avoid common social media mistakes that can harm your business instead of helping it grow.

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Social Media Marketing Made Simple

Social Advertising is an important element  to build a community of users interested in your brand.


We are regularly searching for the best outputs whether through informational blog posts, testimonial videos or podcasts all with interests of your business in mind. We analyze, monitor and report on the results of the ads created and the platforms they were shared on.

Creating a Voice for your Brand

With Digithy working with you, you’ll have a team that will be the voice of your brand, one that will also listen in and analyze the market taking the time to not only reach your audience not only through observation but empathy. 


Our goal is to create a community of people that are interested in your brand and what it has to offer. Our strategy not only involves showcasing your product or service but a place where your audience can share, connect and engage with your brand which will help your business improve in the long term.


We help brands communicate to their target audience through a mix of creative strategies using innovative tools and applications. We aim to help our clients grow their business in the digital world.

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We customize the plan to your needs

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​A good social media strategy takes time and dedication, it’s not created in the blink of an eye. It requires a good research plan, a team of experts in the field with bast knowledge. People working on social media need to be able to adapt constantly thanks to its volatile nature, know how to keep an eye on the latest trends, platform updates, have an appropriate voice-tone that reaches the audience, and not be afraid to experiment new things.


If you want to boost your engagement or increase traffic to your social media channels we can design a strategy that meets your needs and fits your budget. Our team combines the efforts and empathy of social media marketing professionals who can identify and relate to your target audience, we try to ensure that there is a high ROI (return on investment) in the plans we implement. Each plan we create uses analytics and tools to track your data to help improve and adapt the strategy to the specific needs and keywords of your brand.

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