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Content Creation

At  Digithy we believe that empathy is the best way to connect with your audience. By connecting with your audience, you give them the opportunity to relate to your business in the way that counts. Our content creation services reach your audience in the way that truly impacts them through empathy as a core credo in the way we work, which means more opportunity for growth and sales.


Our team is spread out across the world, which means we can get global awareness and understanding of your audience and who you want to reach. With our method that involves research, strategic planning, content creation and reporting, we can help you create quality content that offers value to your audience depending on the channels they use the most. By gaining a true understanding of your business and what goals you hope to achieve, we can create the best customized content creation plan for your needs. 

Content Creation For Sales

These days, consumers are constantly exposed to advertisements, which makes them always attentive  when it comes to businesses who might be selling to them. It is important that you don’t try to reach your audience using the outdated sales techniques. Gone are the days of the hard-sell where you simply offer the product or service convinced that your audience sell, they are well aware of the businesses they invest their time and eventually money in. That is why we recommend a tailored approach to reach the people you want to reach. It is not enough to just assume that your product/service can carry your business. If your business cannot speak for itself through it’s content, chances are, it won’t reach your audience.

We’re well aware of the fact that the sales language exists everywhere. These days, everyone can know when a business is trying to make a hard sell. That is why it is best to truly connect and relate with those you want to reach. Our quality content is proofread, edited  and reviewed, and finally, optimized for SEO. 

By creating authentic, and genuine content that is memorable, you can ensure that your services and product is giving value, and increase your sales.


Our team is keen to reach your audience through their knowledge and proven methods to create content that is founded on strong research methods. Our content creation process means that we have a story in mind before we make a strong content creation strategy. In this way, we create content that impacts your audience and allows them to take action before becoming advocates for your business.

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Content  Marketing that works

Before writing or creating content, always ask yourself “What is it that my audience needs to read about? What kind of information can you share with your audience that can be useful for them?”.

A proper customer profiling and analysis is needed if you want to create content that really captures your audience. We’ve talked about how to analyze your audience in this 5 steps quite to get to know your audience article.

Only after going through this process of customer profiling, you can start building a proper content marketing strategy.

Content marketing means consistency

When it comes to creating content, to truly position your business as a thought leader in the industry, you need to maintain a steady stream of content on a regular basis. It is not enough to create one post that brings traffic to your channels. In fact, such inconsistencies can limit the scope of your business, if you want to reach your audience. This is where the Digithy team comes in, through the making of a content creation plan and content creation strategy we can help you maintain a consistent flow of content to your website and social media channels. This will drive traffic to these channels and establish trust with your audience building advocacy.

Being consistent with content creation doesn’t mean you have to publish on your blog or social media every day, but also doesn’t mean you can post something whenever you want, without proper planning. Creating a content calendar that follows a content marketing plan is the base of consistent content marketing.

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Building a brand identity

Building a brand identity is another important step that will lead you to creating great content for your business. This is the part in which you can decide how to communicate through your brand on social media or on your website. You define the style, tone of voice, colors and fonts and imaging that can be used for the business’ communication.

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The brand identity guidelines will help you get recognized easily by your customers, while also helping your team or the team who’s taking care of your content creation, be aligned to the way the business wants to communicate.

A brand identity’s power stems from the words we use to describe the brand. Words can make or break any business. At Digithy, we can help give voice to your brand, which can help in the formation of a strong brand identity. With our detail-oriented methods, we can hone in on the best tone and voice to reach your audience in a way that can create strong brand equity over time.

A brand’s voice is essential for your audience not only to be able to identify your brand but to create awareness if your brand is up and coming, or to distinguish it from competitors in an ever-saturated market. We can help you have a consistent brand voice that truly fits with your business and those that resonate with you.

How Digithy creates content for your business

After conducting an extensive keyword research to target the best keywords for your business, and going through a deep persona analysis, we will form a content creation plan that allows for a strategic approach. Then, we will create content that relates to this easiness, also the right kind of content that resonates with your audience. We can create several types of content pieces: 

Landing pages


Video Content

Long-form Content


Case Studies

Social Media Posts


Website Communication Changes




Besides creating the graphic and written content, we like to also use any other given resource by the business. For instance, we like to take product pictures if you’re selling products, and creating videos that can grow the audience reach and engagement. 

We like to play with content and transform what’s written content into videos, images or voice recordings, but also all the way around transforming podcasts into articles and videos. Resharing different pieces of content in different formats also allows the audience to consume the format that best suits their needs or preferences. 

Choosing the right content creator for your business

Choosing a content creator for your business is not an easy task. You’ll have to select a person or agency that can truly relay the message of your brand and immerse themselves in your industry, taking the time to understand the ins and outs of your business but also where and when to reach your audience. Additionally, content creation requires a variety of skills among which we have:

  • copywriting 

  • social media strategy

  • communications strategy

  • graphic design

  • video editing

And good knowledge of the use of the main tools and their automation.

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With our approach, we take the time to understand your audience, the kind of content they would like to read or see, the problems that your business could solve for them, and many other factors. We aim at building the best content marketing strategy with the resources we’re given.


Analysis and adjustment of content creation

As every area in digital marketing, also content creation needs to be analyzed and improved.

Effective goal setting doesn’t mean adjusting when the expected results aren’t met. We can help your business through creating detailed reports that help display the progress of the content created, and its reach over time.


Our savvy content creators are up to the task and aware of how the algorithm of each social media platform changes. This means we can update the content schedule and strategy, keep working on what’s still working, and come up with new channels when we see that the current ones can’t reach the goals we’ve set. We can also help reassess what works best and what doesn’t, adjusting for all the necessary changes to ensure that your content is not only consistent but improving in the long-term.

Besides posting relevant content, we also like to test new approaches and bring in our team’s creativity that will allow building unique content pieces for social media, videos, or websites.

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