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Should you hire a digital marketing agency instead of in-house marketing?

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Am I doing everything I can to grow my business?

Founders often question if they are doing their best to make their business triumph in the market.

If you are reading this blog post and wondering the same, odds are your hands are always full. Your days are packed with everything that comes from running a business on your own, or having to execute a complete marketing strategy by yourself.

Whether you are about to launch a new product, or if you need to grow your current business, you might need to go the extra mile. You might need to, for example, start running marketing campaigns while also growing organically.

But when this happens, should you be hiring in-house marketing, or should you be considering having a team of experts supporting you?

Growing a business is a full-time job, and very demanding, if you ask us.

As an entrepreneur, you probably already have your hands full. You need to know about every single step of your product/service pipeline in order to do it yourself. This implies knowing the operations, logistics, handling customer success, IT, and marketing.

If you are thinking about hiring someone for marketing or doing it yourself, there are a couple of things you need to consider.

Unless you come from a marketing background, you will need to learn about marketing on the go and from scratch. While learning about marketing might not seem too hard since there are multiple resources available online for free, it doesn't mean that you actually know how to implement best practices. It also takes time, and we know that time is something founders lack of.

Moreover, lacking hands-on experience in marketing can cause a delay in deliverables, poor marketing execution, not understanding your target audience's problem, and not knowing how to communicate with them. All this can escalate to a worse outcome that directly impacts your business just because you didn't want to delegate the task - and let's face it, delegating is not easy!

With this in mind, if you are ready to let go of some responsibilities and delegate, you have 2 options: start growing your in-house marketing team or hire a digital marketing agency.

Don’t try to do everything by yourself, but try to connect with people and resources. Having that discipline and perseverance is really important. - Chieu Cao, Co-founder of Perkbox

Should you hire in-house marketing?

If you're considering hiring an in-house marketer, know that the road can get bumpy.

Digital marketing is a very broad field, it goes from social media to SEO, content creation, communications, branding, data analytics, and much more.

Each marketing specialization has a full specter of responsibilities. Thus, finding someone that is fluent in all the marketing languages for an affordable budget is nearly impossible - and we know that as we've been hiring too. This is why we preferred to hire experts in each area of digital marketing, to make sure all the marketing field is covered consistently and thoroughly.

As a business founder, you want to hire the best talent available to make sure your business scales. In order to hire a full team of marketing experts, you need 2 things: budget and time, both resources that most founders don't have at the beginning of their journey.

Hiring an expert for each area of marketing can bring incredible value to your business, but it can also be very costly. At the same time, as said before, it is nearly impossible to hire one person that does everything.

That's where digital marketing agencies, consultants, and freelancers come along.

When should you hire a digital marketing agency instead of in-house marketing?

If you need many areas covered and don't have much budget to get a person doing everything, hiring an agency might be a better choice.

Instead of hiring a full in-house team, you can hire an agency for a fixed fee each month and get a whole team. They are basically in charge of running specific aspects of your marketing, depending on the agreement you might have. They could take care of your SEO, social media, content marketing, advertising, design, and landing pages, or run all of them at the same time.

This is how we work at Digithy, with a full team at your disposal that can help you grow your business starting from strategy to executing all the tasks correctly in the marketing area.

Get a full team of experts working for you

As we mentioned before, marketing responsibilities can be a lot for only one person to take care of. We as a marketing agency have at least one expert in each field, covering content, social media, SEO, advertising, and more. You can get a full expert team for a fixed monthly fee based on the project proposal we agreed upon.

A fresh perspective

After dedicating hours to growing your business, it's easy to get to lose track of the main focus. No shame, it can happen to everyone. However, that's where a digital marketing agency can save your day. By having no previous relation to your business, we can offer a new solution to you, bringing in fresh ideas and proposing alternative strategies.

Saving you time

A new business needs time to be nurtured to grow, and this time usually comes from the founder. But if there's something founders lack, it's time. By hiring a team of experts, you can focus your time on other areas of your business that need improving.


Being goals-oriented means we're very motivated to find the best way to help you succeed, and be sure that if there's something not working we'll be the first ones to let you know.

We are extremely respectful of people's time and money, and it happened in the past that if a product was not ready for the market, we were happy to pause the collaboration for some time and have the founders work on the product first.

Bottom line

With all this in mind, only you, as a founder, know what's best for your business. Both hiring in-house and a digital marketing agency are options worth considering that come with their challenges, as well as pros and cons. Hiring a digital marketing agency might be the right call if you were planning on only hiring one person that does everything.

Here at Digithy we immerse ourselves in your business and become part of your team. Our team consists of experts from all over the world, which gives us a unique, global perspective. Reach out to us to schedule a chat and let's start growing your business together.


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