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Understanding your customer is the best marketing strategy

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Understanding your customer is a process by which your marketing team can gain deeper insight into their target audience and the needs and behaviors of potential customers. Through careful analysis of factors such as customer demographics, purchase patterns, and purchasing journey stages, marketers can more effectively tailor their messaging and marketing activities to better meet their customers' needs. However, businesses often underutilize or misunderstand this valuable analytical tool, resulting in missed opportunities for revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

Companies must take a strategic approach to understand their audiences and implement effective targeting strategies to harness the power of customer profiling truly.

Creating a customer profile

Creating ideal customer profiles is a significant step in any marketing or sales campaign. By carefully examining the qualities and needs of your target customers, you can create a detailed profile as a reference point for your marketing efforts.

One example of an ideal customer profile is a business-to-business (B2B) software company that looks at factors such as location, industry, and budget to identify the most relevant audience segments for their products or services. They can tailor their messaging to match the specific needs and challenges facing their audiences.

An accurate and well-defined customer profile can ensure your marketing efforts are targeted and effective.

How to create a customer profile

Talk to your clients

Creating ideal customer profiles can take time and effort for businesses looking to understand and connect with their customers. To do this effectively, it is necessary to speak to your customers and gather qualitative data about the problems they are trying to solve. This can include conducting one-on-one interviews, administering questionnaires and surveys, and gathering other relevant B2B data. With these insights, you will be better able to craft effective marketing campaigns that resonate with your target customers.

  • Background information

  • Demographics

  • Communication practices

  • Client goals

  • Challenges faced

  • Potential client objections to the product/service

  • Sales cycle

Do the Research

You can always research what the other possible clients might think on the internet. It would be enough to run a simple keyword research on the search engine or visit specific communities where people talk about the common issues they have in your area of interest. We’ve added more places where you can do your research in our 5-steps guide to know your customers.

What can you use customer profiling for?

Message Personalization

Customer profiling can help you better understand the needs and behaviors of your prospective customers, allowing you to attract and retain them. With detailed customer profiles, your marketing and sales teams can anticipate customer objections and identify potential risks, resulting in higher close rates and more significant revenue.

Additionally, customer profiling can help you gain a deeper understanding of your market segments, providing valuable insights that can be used to prevent issues such as customer churn.

If you start using the customer profiles as insight for your content creation, communications, or campaigns, you’ll see your engagement, email open rate, and conversions grow exponentially.

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is the practice of grouping similar customers based on common characteristics or behaviors. Marketers must understand their customers' profiles and preferences to target and market to these segments. Many marketers may segment audiences based on their customer lifetime value (CLV), which can help them determine when engaging with potential buyers. Effective customer segmentation allows businesses to meet their customers' needs.

Customer segmentation can be used together with the concept of Personalization, creating content and campaigns that better resonate with what customers need.

Better content creation

As businesses continue seeking new and innovative ways to connect with their customers, customer profiling has become an essential tool for content creation as well.

By gaining a deeper understanding of customer needs and behaviors, content creators can write more relevant, helpful content that speaks directly to the problems and challenges their target audiences are facing. This approach can also help paid search advertisers develop more effective campaigns by using the exact keywords and search queries identified through customer profiling to inform ad targeting.

Customer understanding helpers

Customer profiling and understanding is not a 2-hour job. It’s research, analysis, interviews, and profiling. Reach out to our team for support. We run complete customer understanding research with interviews, which result in 2-3 ideal customer profiles.


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